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Prime Vendor is a strategic business sales tool for capturing new sales opportunities from the $3 Trillion dollar public sector market. Since 1995 the company has been a leader in capturing current sales opportunities from more than 90,000 public agencies across North America.

We support our commercial clients with timely delivery of market opportunities specifically geared to their interests. We deliver market intelligence with analytical data identifying competitor market prices, and historical contract award information. Our market insights allow you to strategically plan for new business, not simply react to current events.

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Account Management

Your prime Vendor client services representatives will establish your account, create authorized users with login and passwords, and establish a comprehensive product or service profile based on your company's interests.

The program uses specific code profiles and not a time-consuming keyword search function.The program delivers daily notification to the e-mail of each authorized user in the system with a brief synopsis of the solicitation. You would then enter the system to view, print or save the document.

New sales opportunities can be save in the MyProjects folder. You may forward to co-workers, or save with notes for later review.


The Prime Vendor program delivers new sales opportunities in three different formats based on the agencies preferences.

A). Traditional hard copy delivery of word, pdf or excel files which you can view and download for participation. These require interested suppliers to return their completed bid documents to the agency in a sealed envelope on or before the designated due date and time. They can not be e-mailed or faxed.

B). Informal online bidding. You may enter your company's price quotes online and select the submit button to return your quote directly to the agency. Traditionally used for small dollar procurement under $5,000.

C). Formal online bidding. Submit your quote online, requires a digital signature, all bidding is locked and encrypted, and all bids are open to the agency only after the designated due date and time. Used for large purchases and annual contracts.


Your Prime Vendor program maintains two types of catalog structures. The Contracts Catalog which is created only as a request from the participating agency to the awarded supplier. The sourcing catalog is an Open Market catalog used as a sourcing tool by public agencies seeking products and suppliers.

Contracts Catalog: The contracts catalog is created as a request from a public agency, typical after award notification. The contracts catalog only reflects items you have been awarded as a result of a formal solicitation. These catalogs are illustrated and allow the agency and it's various departments to create requisitions and purchase orders directly from your contracts catalog. Purchase orders can be sent directly to your desktop.

Open Market Catalog: Suppliers may create an open market catalog of all their products or services which will be used by public agencies as a sourcing and purchasing tool. Public agencies can place orders directly from these catalogs. Purchase orders can be sent directly to your desktop. Customized Open Market Catalogs can also be used for GSA schedules, or commercial applications like Amazon, Walmart, Newegg, and other retail marketing programs. You may also create unique pricing catalogs for commercial clients.

Market Intelligence

Our market analysis team can provide you post award analysis identifying competitor prices, and proposal strategies. Most public agencies create term contracts for many procurement events. Our Market Analysis team can forecast new sales opportunities four to six months prior to public notification. Identifying the award amount, the actual purchased amount, and departmental users comments on product quality and service levels. Identify the key decision makers at the agency for your products.

Market insight leads to more sales success. Knowing six months in advance what the public agency is going to buy, how much they spent previously and from whom, allows your sales people to call on that account prior to the actual solicitation and meet with the key buyers.

Prime Vendor adds connected intelligence with CRM integration. Simple and easy one click features add sales leads to your Salesforce CRM program. Streamline workflow by distributing valuable lead data to your sales team.

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