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Since 1995 Prime Vendor has been a resource for businesses of all sizes to access Public Sector Government Purchasing Opportunities.

Whatever your marketplace, Prime Vendor will deliver new sales opportunities that match the profile of the products you sell or the services you provide.

We offer a cost effective annual bid service with nationwide or regional options, covering more than 90,000 public agencies. We deliver new sales opportunities daily.

We deliver the complete bid document from most agencies. For some bids, such as online bids, we will only provide notice. We cover all State, County, and City governments; in addition to Educational facilities such as School Districts and Universities, along with Federal agencies and the Department of Defense.

We will assist you in creating a profile of the product and services that you offer and deliver the public bid opportunities that match your profile.

Our system will send you notices daily letting you know about new bid opportunities that have been added to your bid inbox. You would then view or download these bid documents by logging into your Prime Vendor portal.

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